Elementary NTN Curriculum Frameworks




  • Stacy Lucas

    Hi Kelley,

    Your work is amazing!  Where can I get a blank copy of a Project Snapshot?  I realize I could make one, but is there a blank one some place to use?


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  • Kelley McKaig

    Hey Stacy!  We really hadn't thought of making blank copies since they are new to the network, we didn't think teachers would need them/use them. We generally coach towards filling out a Project Planning Toolkit for each project you create since it is a much more comprehensive plan for PBL.  Snapshots are just a project-at-a-glance and are a bit redundant for teachers to use when planning a project.  We just needed a tool to help folks see the year of PBL and so we designed the snapshots.  I'd be happy to send you a blank copy for your personal use if you want it though.  Email me! kmckaig@newtechnetwork.org

    PS - The Frameworks were a team effort by several NTN employees and teachers across the network.  So it is their amazing work!  I just was the lucky one to post it in the Help Center.


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